Model It Yourself - Everyday Objects Combo (Headphone & Toaster)

This product is a 3D modelling resource that contains Blender files for modelling a headphone & toaster by yourself. All the necessary resources such as Calibrated orthographic drawings are included in a blender file that is ready to be modelled. You can download the included blender file and directly jump into 3d modelling. With the included orthographic drawings and reference images, you can enjoy and complete the modelling process without having to worry about calibration, getting the correct drawings and references. This also contains a pdf document with high quality reference images to aid in understanding the form.

What will this contain?

This product when purchased and downloaded will contain 2 blender files &  2 .pdf documents for a toaster & headphone.

1. Blender file will contain :

Orthographic line drawings on multiple views such as front and side. The drawings are matched and aligned in 3d space enabling you to get started with modelling.

2. pdf document will contain :

Multiple angle high quality reference images to help you to understand the form and details & Wireframe reference images of the model to provide you some idea on the construction of the model. 

Why to use this product & how it will help - 

We all understand and agree that Modelling 3D objects is the only practical way to learn 3D modelling. Model It Yourself is a product that is designed & crafted for Students and aspiring 3D modellers in mind. Whether you are an artist, hobbyist or a self taught 3d artist, you can level up your skills by Modelling it yourself.

This is currently available at an introductory pricing. Download now and kick start your 3D modelling journey.

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