Organic Procedural Texturing In Blender - Course

Description -

Procedural Texturing is a great texturing method, it comes with great benefits like unlimited texture resolution and easy mapping on any 3D surface. Offers complete control of textures by using a mathematical and logical approach through nodes. This approach may seem complicated to most of the artists. This course offers you easy, practical methods and everything needed to get started with blender procedural shading techniques. We use a practical approach and demonstrate how we take advantage procedural textures to realistically texture a mango and an apple from scratch. The 3D model of both the fruits are provided in our exercise files, you can get started right away.

What Will I Get ?

Learn to view blender as a procedural texturing
Creating procedural textures for fruits
Procedural Textures Basics
Learn to study details for texturing
Practical and Applied procedural texturing

Requirements -

Know to navigate blender interface
Basic and general knowledge on concepts of digital 3D
No Prior procedural texturing skills needed

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