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In This Class, Introduction to Blender 3D - Basics to your first 3D art, Harshavardhan follows a structured process to explain blender for absolute beginners. The class begins with understanding blender and its free & open source nature. Followed by learning the basics of blender with the help of interactive worksheets that makes the learning process easy and enjoyable.

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3D modelling is an important and sought-after skill as 3D artworks are used by various industries to showcase what they do and offer, for this reason, the demand for 3D graphics is projected to grow by many times in the upcoming years.

This class introduces you to the free, open source and popular software - blender with simple lessons that are created for absolute beginners, so you can get started right now and begin your journey in 3D design - a giant and a new world of opportunities.

To put the skills learnt to use, the students get an opportunity to create a quick 3D artwork. Finally, the class is concluded with some ideas, tips and best practices to approach and create your own 3D Artwork.

Materials/Resources : a PC / Mac or Linux. All the digital files needed to complete the class, are included in the resources section.

Following this Course does not need any prior experience. You will learn everything here.

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Blender With Harshavardhan!

Blender With Harshavardhan!