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This Course introduces you to blender, a great open source 3D content creation software that is predominantly used in industries like movies, animation and games. In this course, we explore the possibility to use Blender as a tool for packaging design.

Choosing 3D model over mockups

3D models are extremely customisable and versatile

Allows simulation of surface details like embossing, UV, foiling, transparency and paper texture.

Ability to view the design from multiple angles.

Better accuracy of texture mapping on curved surfaces.

Offers more flexibility and control.

Unlocks animation capabilities.

What is 3D Visualization for packaging all about?

The end goal of a packaging visualisation is to show your 2D packaging design concepts on a 3D model as if it was made for real. By doing 3D visualisations, we gain a deeper understanding of our design, hence one can quickly prototype ideas using 3D software and make confident and quick design decisions which will reduce the production time. A 3D visualisation can greatly benefit a designer as one can communicate ideas with 3D renders to potential people such as clients or investors and get feedback.

To sum up, 3D visualisation helps to

Reduce production time

Better understanding of a design

Make better design decisions

Communicate design ideas to potential people

Make Animations

What does a 3D software offer for Packaging Designers?

A 3D content creation offers creative tools for various industries for a vast amount of different needs. This makes a 3D software seem daunting and complicated to learn. But the tools needed for a packaging designer is much simpler and easy to learn. We will make use of certain tools in the following domains : Modelling, UV unwrapping, Texturing and Shading then finally Rendering.

Why Blender as a tool for Packaging Designers?

It has got powerful tools required for packaging design.

Cross platform nature runs the same on windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Clever development makes it extremely light weight software that can run even in lower computer configurations.

Continuous development adds new features.

Growing and great community support with new tutorials added everyday.

Blender is open source and free software (please consider donating) and is free to use for learning as well as commercial purposes.

What Will I Get ?

Blender For Packaging Visualization
Carton Box 3D Modelling for Packaging Visualization
3D Mockups for Packaging
Learn to use blender as a tool for Packaging



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