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Low poly assets are in great demand in the gaming and realtime visualization industry. In this class, let's learn to create a low poly model of a stylised shield in blender. We will be modelling, sculpting, texturing, baking in blender.

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The class begins with modelling from a plane. Then we look into the other steps like sculpting and texturing. You will get to learn some of the core concepts of creating 3D assets like the best tips for modelling, sculpting and baking high poly details into a low poly model.

Also we will finish by adding lights and camera to extract a quick render and 360 animation of the shield to showcase it in the best possible way.

Why you should take this class -

This class outlines strong foundations on 3D asset creation.

This class shows a fun way to learn the 3D asset creation process.

Low poly asset creation is in demand as the gaming and realtime industry is growing.

I have shared some of my best tips and techniques for creating such models in blender.

You can use the techniques shown in this class to create your own stylised low poly 3D asset.

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Stylised Shield Render

Stylised Shield Render