Ulundha Vadai CGI

CGI Ulundha Vadai is completely textured using Procedural Shading techniques and baked as PBR maps.

Ulundha Vadai is a traditional south Indian snack made from salted ground urud dal mixed with rice flour combined with freshly chopped onions with a hint of ginger. Green chilies, pepper, cumin seeds with coriander and curry leaves adds the required spice and flavor. When served hot with coconut, mint and tomato chutney on the banana leaf makes a great snack during the cold monsoon evenings of Southern India. Due its unique and unmatchable taste, the traditional Ulundha Vadai has made its presence in the modern food world.

Ulundha Vadai Frying Animation

Sound - Fesliyan Studios music https://www.fesliyanstudios.com

Ulundha Vadai CGI - Making Timelapse