We Create Your Perfect Image

Harsh And Cloudia Digital Imaging And Design LLP founded in 2020 with a small team of CGI consultants & visual artists, with special connection towards Images.

We Specialize in 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering. We have a finely crafted Art process to create eccentric images that are engaging, harmonious and have an extremely unique style with attention to detail. We care to make your image marketable for your target audience. We help brands, businesses, creative agencies & individuals with stunning & top notch visual contents using computer graphics that create impact in this visually cluttered world. 


CGI Artist with a passion towards creating high quality 3D images with specialization in photo realistic 3D content. I have worked with various brands and creative agencies to create visually compelling images for brand communications, brand strategy, packaging, product, advertising and promotional images. 


Product designer and a 3d artist, with Specialization in organic texturing, digital sculpting and digital painting. I enjoy creating photo-realistic 3d models and texturing to create impactful visuals with a keen interest towards fine detailing. Apart from CGI, I believe in creating products using natural materials which promise a sustainable future.